Terry Megalakis                     Australia

I highly recommend Sue Raffan Coaching!

I had a major breakthrough that had a lot to do with my past. We all know that certain individuals are so fixated by their past circumstances that they feel somewhat helpless to move forward, to move on, to live in the present moment. Sue assisted me in talking to my past self, via visualisation, as though my past self was on his deathbed. That’s when I realised at a deep emotional level, that I was keeping the past alive. With this realisation came the breakthrough which I needed, to let go of the past and move on.

I enjoyed Sue’s quality of questions but also the steady pace and patience she had with me, during the session.

Baring in mind that Sue and I live in different states, I’m in Victoria, she is in Perth, the phone made connection possible.

Thank you so much, Sue Raffan, you have made an incredible difference.

Jenny Coull                     South Africa               

After the death of a loved one and struggling with something that I couldn't move on and forward with, I consulted Sue for some help. I found her to be honest in her approach, upfront, insightful and she really listened to what I had to say.

Talking over Skype made it easy to connect and engage.

I thoroughly recommend her.

Ariane Baxy                     Singapore

When I first met Sue, I was at my lowest point ever, in life, and was finding it nearly impossible to plan ahead or even dream of a future.

I was then offered a helping hand from Sue...but still was not in a proper mindset to accept help.

Then one day came...and I said YES! I'm now ready to listen and embrace what's been offered to me.

And here I am today, after only a few meetups with Sue, ready to embrace and deal with what life has to throw at me. I am definitely happier to embrace my new approach to life and conscious of how I can achieve what I desire the most!!

My plan is set... Let's focus and work towards achieving it as I do deserve to be HAPPY.

Thank you Sue, for opening my eyes and making me aware of the potential & beauty that lie within me

and believing in me when I didn't.

I'm always looking forward to the next meeting as I always leave you with a burst of energy...ready to conquer and make my future happen!

Thank you heaps.

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