Where do I start? The beginning seems like a smart idea. When I embarked on life coach training, my life was “perfect”! Perfect husband and family, perfect lifestyle, perfect circle of support, perfect mental state, perfect health, no emotional issues … you get the idea? In other words … perfect DENIAL! I smile to myself now when I think of the journey that I have been on and how very far I have come. I wasn’t aware that in order to BE a coach, you HAD TO BE coached!

While initially VERY emotionally reluctant, I have undertaken the “challenge” and what a world of growth it has opened up to me. Growth that I never realised was in existence, let alone within my own experience. I fooled myself into believing that I was happy. And I was happy … however I was personally unfulfilled and was capable of so much more than I ever anticipated. Now I look back and see how narcissistic I was in thinking that I would play “magician” and perfect everyone else’s life … since, of course, mine was perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is fabulous and I am grateful for the journey that I have enjoyed, however, to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the how/who/what/when that certain events, emotions, relationships etc. occurred, has given me greater insights, that I never imagined necessary for investigation. I have been able to forgive what I believed was “unforgiveable”, to embrace my prime-fear of vulnerability, to embrace a mindset that serves me in powerful ways and, most profoundly … to love myself, as I am today, more than I ever have in the past.

Regarding the merits of coaching, I feel an overwhelming passion and obligation to spread the benefits and the love. Coaching is not what you imagine it to be. I was totally misguided in my early assumptions of the benefits . The verbal is powerful … the non-verbal … inexplicable!

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