Corporate Wellness Workshops

Escalating mental health, chronic disease and auto-immune disease rates place a huge economic burden on business owners and yet many are preventable. A mental wellness program is an investment in your company’s most important asset—your employees.

A healthier workforce brings higher productivity and fewer work days missed. With the push to do more with less, the mental and physical health of employees is a pivotal piece contributing to better productivity. An employee wellness program creates an employee benefit program which can attract top talent and leads to greater employee satisfaction, safety, recruitment and retention.

  • Wellness Health leads to better work performance

  • Positive Attitude improves morale and culture company-wide

  • Healthy People means healthy attitudes

  • Emotionally Fit Employees handle stress and tension

  • Greater Wellness reduces overall turnover rates and absenteeism

  • Active Lifestyles gives employees a better sense of well-being.

Our wellness programs are delivered with heart, are bespoke and are designed to meet the needs and wants of your employees as well as meeting company objectives.

The three workshops below are designed as a program.

Theses workshops aim to address emotional and mental health by shifting current perspective. It is not entirely the company’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are happy, it is for each individual to take full responsibility in managing their attitude and perspective. The workshop format is to always: instruct, practice and then play… since we learn more through experience (play) than we ever do through teaching (theory).

We look forward to working with you to create a workforce that knows that their employers value their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in enabling them to better perform and meet their personal and company objectives.

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Conscious Communication

If It’s meant To Be, It’s Up To Me


Identifying how we have different perspectives and understanding how this effects our acceptance / resilience to change. Identifying whether we live as victim (life happens to us) or victor (life happens for us) and gaining skills to adjust accordingly. Applying conscious communication skills to allow for open, honest and direct communication where giving and receiving feedback is more effective therefore saving frustration, time, money and energy. Applying the 10 Principles of Conscious Communication and exploring 10 Ways in which to apply them.


For employees to gain consciousness around their self awareness and perception of themselves and others. Turning negative perceptions into positive ones, that serve them on a personal and professional level and removing the need for judgement when we acknowledge that we all see things in a different way. This workshop develops interpersonal skills to live happier and be more capable, more effective, more productive and simply more magnificent!


Awareness of language, choice and attitude and empowering employees to choose how they perceive their situation. An awareness of self and increased mindfulness results in better company culture and work resilience.

Business Impact:

The responsibility for employee attitude to change is taken off the company and placed on each individual. They feel more empowered about the status quo and change and deciding what it will mean for them.

Time Management

Putting ME back into time.


Identifying mindset around time and developing a new respect for how fleeting it is. Identifying self sabotage strategies and putting daily rituals into your day to create life balance and allow for mental health. Seeing time in an empowering way and creating their ideal week to be more effective and productive. Discovering the 3 Zones of Effectiveness and knowing when to apply each.


For employees to gain consciousness around their respect and use of time. Identifying the need for life balance and gaining tools and skills for implementing it. Seeing the need for self care. Incorporating new mental wellbeing habits into their working day.


Awareness of choice and attitude and empowering them to choose how they perceive and manage their time and what it means for them. An awareness of the need to create their own happiness.

Business Impact:

The responsibility for employee attitude to time management is taken off the company and placed on each individual. They feel more empowered by incorporating healthier habits.

Self Awareness

Hello Me! Let’s Get Re-acquainted


Identifying how we each talk to ourselves and the power of the unconscious mind in creating our reality. Identifying our limiting thoughts and the need to improve our relationships with ourselves to better serve us. Becoming aware of the impact of others on our self esteem and gaining skills to manage our response and resilience.


For employees to gain a greater awareness of self and how to improve their self talk to be more uplifting and encouraging. To increase the desire for challenging themselves and stepping outside of their comfort zones.


Awareness of choice in how we empower ourselves through our self talk. Awareness around shaking off old habits that no longer serve us and adopting new and inspired ones.

Business Impact:

Each employee gains awareness about their responsibility for their decisions and choices and takes 100% responsibility as opposed to playing the blame game. They see company change as an adventure and an opportunity.

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