Step into the best version of yourself

Sue Raffan Coaching empowers motivated clients who want change and to live their best lives.

Together, through collaboration, Sue inspires her clients to gain awareness and to step into the best version of themselves by finding their own solutions to their concerns and then supports them in making the changes that they want to see. As a master practitioner of both coaching and neurolinguistic programming, Sue supports and enables her clients to step into their power. Sue works with individual clients, runs tween programs for boys and girls, runs empowerment workshops, works within school communities to empower students, teachers and parents and also works with corporates. She is the Perth trainer for a Melbourne-based life coaching college and a presenter at various events.

Every one of us is magical in our personal power. Sue enables her clients to recognise their magnificence.

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Who is Sue?

Hello and welcome to my business where I enable success-driven and motivated clients to find their sunshine. Within your Universe, you are the central Sun and all planets revolve around you and rely upon you to keep them in motion. Without the sun, the planets fail to function. You add the solar to your system and to support your solar system, it is vital that you shine brightest and are the greatest source of energy.

  • Are you shining as magnificently as you know you are capable of or has your sunshine faded over time?

  • Are you time poor and frustrated by your many demands?

  • Do you feel undervalued and overwhelmed and maybe even a little resentful?

  • Are you frustrated by your first world problem – you have everything and yet you lack fulfilment?

  • Do you want a purpose separate to your responsibilities?

If you identify with any of the above statements then welcome… you are in the right place for change.


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Coaching Programs & Workshops

Sue offers a range of various different services, from individual coaching to curated programs and workshops for families, school communities and corporates.


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