Gemma, Clarkson Primary School

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic workshop! I honestly think my students enjoyed it and have all taken home something they can use, or at least think about!

The biggest positive straight away was your ability to engage the kids. Your tone and mannerisms were inviting, exciting and well humoured for this age group of 11 to 12 year old students. Your workshop was the right balance between listening and moving in some way, and I think the kids really liked the reference to Fortnite. Straight away you gained their ears and respect because you didn't put down what so many of them love.

An area that I think really resonated with the kids was "the energy you put in, is the energy you get out" regarding choosing friends and the best ones for you! I also think they really thought about the way you explained behaviours towards others, and that the things people say and do, are most often reflections of how they view themselves (whether positive or negative) and the world around them.

Finally, the section on affirmations and self-talk was highly relevant for our students at this stage of their lives. I loved how you gave them little things that they could do (and do easily) everyday, like reading an affirmation on their mirror, or waking up and saying, “I am grateful to be awake.” Since your workshop, we have since reminded each other of our own affirmations, and little quotes like “be careful what you tell yourself because YOU are always listening.” The meditation was not embraced by all, but I know that this is hard for even adults to do. I will be practising this from now on with my students, as I know it helps regulate emotions, and I know that once they feel comfortable to do it amongst peers, it will be better received.

Thank you once again Sue.

I am looking forward to our teacher workshops next year!”