School Workshops

Supporting school communities for future young leaders, a positive parenting environment and a high performance/high care teaching environment.

The youth are our leaders of tomorrow. With the invested support of parents and teachers, they can develop their strengths towards success. To offer their highest level of support, parents and teachers also require nurturing as “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. Our mission is to enable participants, at every age, to recognise their own magnificence and learn to love and nurture themselves through mindfulness. Self love is the cornerstone to joy in life.

Our workshops target the whole school community - youth, teachers and parents. Workshops are based on personal development coaching and positive psychology aimed at inspiring and motivating participants towards creating their best lives. The workshop format includes instruction, stories and then play, allowing fun interaction and ensuring that all learning modalities are addressed. Since we learn more through experience than lecturing, an engaging workshop creates awareness and the motivation to take action towards change.

Our mindfulness workshops are pre-existing or bespoke and designed to meet the objectives of the school.

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Workshops for Teachers

Workshop content is designed to create greater awareness and clarity of purpose for teachers on an individual and professional level. Content could include:

  • Mindfulness in managing the mayhem of modern life

  • Self talk that promotes success

  • Leadership and collaboration

  • Values and living in alignment

  • Time management – Creating the ideal week

  • Mind, body, spirit – nourishing the core

  • Resilience and developing your resilience muscle

  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life

  • Communication: Relationship management

  • Emotionally intelligent (EQ) team building

  • Creating high performance and EQ teams

Workshops for Parents

Every parent is doing the very best that they can, for their children. Applying positive psychology and coaching practises can enable the parenting journey to be more joyful and less stressful. Content could include:

  • Monkey see, Monkey do – change the parent, change the child

  • Self talk awareness

  • Strength based parenting

  • Values and the rules we govern ourselves with

  • Time management to do more of what you love and less of what you hate

  • Health and Nutrition – essential to wellbeing

  • Enabling your children to manage pressure and stress

  • Developing resilience within the family

  • Taking 100% responsibility for your choices

  • Mindfulness in the mayhem of modern life

  • Leadership within the family unit

  • Guiding your teen through career choice

  • Motivating teens

  • Gratitude and family bonding

Workshops for Youth

Workshops aimed at empowering young people and enabling them with confidence and the self-belief to soar. Content could include:

  • Discovering and believing in my own magnificence and purpose

  • Self talk and calming the inner critic

  • Individuals Compete, Teams Empower: Supporting my fellow peers in collaboration

  • Public Speaking and Leadership – walking into a room with my head help high

  • Overcoming media and society standards of what it means to be men / women

  • Establishing minimum standards in dating someone that deserves me

  • Health and Nutrition – my health is a consequence of my emotional wellbeing

  • Taking 100% responsibility to gain empowerment

  • Friendships that serve me

  • Managing my relationships with EQ (emotional intelligence)

  • Mindfulness in the mayhem of modern life

  • Time management and My Ideal Week

  • Stretching beyond my comfort zone and enforcing firm boundaries

  • Courage through vulnerability – you get what you have the courage to ask for

  • Vision boarding, goal setting and manifesting success

  • Calling on my strengths

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School Workshop Testimonials

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